Flatwell Super Lower Arm (86,BRZ ZN6,ZC6) & (Impreza GH8,GE7,GVB,GRB)

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開発車両は、700psオーバーのRS★R GT 86・TRD 




★多機能-車高4段以上・スプリングレートレバー比3段 スタビライザーレバー比3段以上

★速いーセットUP中のピット作業でも迅速に対応出来るよう アジャスタブル機能の設置場所に気を配りました。




(通知書発行可能車種 DBA-ZN6 類別区分番号 1001~1094)


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▼ Details

Development vehicle, RS ★ R GT of 700ps over 86 · TRD

Formula Drift racing vehicle of big torque of Ⅴ8 installed.

The suspension around, remodeling range is small, there is no set of the same conditions in any weather, road surface, tire pressure, and wear especially. 

This is a super lower arm to allow rapid, diverse fine-tuning also in the pit work with limited, it Michibikeru to 100% potential of the vehicle.


★ Multi-function - four or more stages, spring rate lever ratio of 3-stage vehicle height Three or more stages stabilizer lever ratio

★ to be able to respond quickly in the pit work fast Setto UP during I was paying attention to the location of the adjustable function.

★ product management over serial number, user registration and management.

★ strong force D1.FD Big power vehicle mounted tested.Destructive inspection certificate can be attached.

★ of inspection over inspection during a preliminary review unnecessary "structural change" letter is the fee can be issued.

(1001-1094 notice can be issued model DBA-ZN6 classification division number)

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