Lower Arm Proton (Aluminium Billet)

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Free Weight: 4. kg


Lower arm is made of Aluminium T6(6061) billet block Cnced from 7kg down to 1.8kg per arms. A block of Aluminium is so much more solid than cast/mould version which is weaker. Comparison to some China-made or local made with cheaper material that could only support 3950newton load before it breaks as ours could withstand up to 7400newton.

Weaker section of anti roll bar and closer joints to mounting points are enforced to accommodate hard driving but offcourse "Motorsport is Dangerous" so any hard impact is not guaranteed.

Bushes are made of solid Polyurethane material and if in longterm worn out bushes can still be replace anywhere or with us. 

This Lower arm fits to most of the proton eg: Wira | Putra | Satria | Satria Neo | Waja | Gen 2| Pesona

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